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  • How old does my child need to be before attending?
    2.5 years old to the day. Your child also needs to be potty trained.
  • Will my child be with kids his/her own age?
    Yes, we will have kids your child's age in the classroom but we do take a Montessori multi-age approach to classrooms where kids from our youngest to oldest will be in the same classroom. While Mountain Tots Preschool is not a Montessori School, research strongly supports the idea that mixed-age classrooms are better for children, developmentally and academically. Studies also show that in a mixed environment children will thrive socially. Here’s why: Competition is removed Gives children an opportunity to nurture one another Increased social participation The pace of learning is individualized Children Develop a sense of family with their peers Children are viewed as unique individuals Self-esteem blossoms
  • How many days a week are required?
    We require at least 2 days a week. This is for the child's benefit. We have found in the past that 1 day per week does not give the child enough consistancy and time to get used to the classroom. Depending on our current classroom numbers, we will work with you to get a schedule that will fit you and your child's needs.
  • Can I send my child for half days?
    Yes, however, we charge by the day so you will pay the same rate for a half or full day.
  • Do they go outside during the day?
    Yes! Being outside is great for your child. We do take care to make sure the weather is appropriate and ask that you bring appropriate gear for your child (ex: snow gear in the winter). In the summer we get outside as much as possible including 'picnic' lunches and learning outside.
  • Can I volunteer to help Mountain Tots?
    Yes! We would love your help. Some areas we could use help in: - Do you have a special skill that you'd like to share with the class? We'd love to have you! Maybe you're a yoga teacher, a firefighter, or an accountant (you can teach the kids the basics of money!) Maybe you have a passion for gardening, painting, or music. Or maybe you speak another language that you could share some basics. - We are working on improving our space and outside play area. If you have any sort of construction skills we can use you! We are also welcome to material donations if you have access to paint, carpet, fencing, etc. - Help in the classroom and on field trips. An extra pair of hands is always helpful on our occasional field trips to the park or county fair. On rare occasions, we have teachers call out for sick days, etc. and are not always able to get another staff member in. We'd love help out in the classroom days that this may happen. Classroom volunteers must pass a fingerprint and background check.
  • How potty trained does my child need to be before attending?
    Your child must be fully day trained in order to attend. This includes potty trained during nap times. We understand that accidents happen however, the accidents should be few and far between incidents.
  • How much does it cost?
    Approximately $50 per day. We do give a discount if you have more than one child enrolled at the same time.
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